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Although it looks like a light wine, its firm tannins allow a perfect pairing with all kinds of legumes. Try stewed lentils with tomatoes or some homemade white bean burgers or vegetarian red bean pate.

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País is a rustic vine that grows in adverse climates, such as cold and drought, and that develops in soils considered bad for vines due to their lack of water. But the peculiarity of País is its resistance. It grows in the dry interior area that starts south of Santiago and ends at the height of Yumbel, in the area of ​​the slopes of the Cordillera de la Costa that looks towards the Andes. They are granite and slate soils, somewhat dry, but with slopes that concentrate moisture and allow roots to grow deep to find water and nutrients. Vines of 350 years have been identified.

Wine that reflects this ancient tradition and all the character of these vines that grow like bushes on the smooth granite hills of southern Chile.

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  1. Ashton Porter

    Excellent product! I will be shopping again soon

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